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Ayurveda believes in the treatment of not just the affected part, but the individual as a whole.


Making it the natural way to refresh yourself, eliminate all toxic imbalances from the body and thus regain resistance and good health.                              more...

ayurveda ayurveda




Home  Self Diagnosis

When you want to know more about yourself, attempt the following question bank and know the results of your body constitution which is termed as "PRAKRITI" in Ayurveda. Basically there are only two types of PRAKRITIes- Odd & Even. Odd includes Vaata, Pitta, Kapha & Sama. Even includes Vaata-Pitta, Vaata-Kapha,& Pitta-Kapha. This questionary explains your body constitution internally & externally both. Also provides guideline solutions according to your individual body-prakriti type. 

1. What type of food you prefer ? Hot Cold Medium
2. Taste you prefer Sweet Sour Salt
3. How is your appetite ? Irregular Good Poor
4. Quantity of food you take ? Little Medium Large
5. How is your thirst ? Irregular Good Poor
6. Motion (stool) habits Frequently    
Never gets Constipated Clear 
7. How many hours do you sleep ? Below 3 hrs 6 - 8 hrs More than 8 hrs 
8. Skin Texture Dry Cherish, Wrinkle Oily, Smooth
9. Do you like exercising ? Little Yes Never
10. What will be your reaction when you see an accident ? Will try to help immediately Will faint Think over and then react slowly
11. Nature of your movement Brisk Medium Slow
12. Hair Pattern Dry, dispersed  Soft, Grey, Baldness, Hair with split ends Shiny, Glossy, black & dense
13. Memory Short term but steady Moderate but intelligent Slow but steady
14. Working capacity Brisk Moderate Lazy
15. General body get up & figure Thin & skeletal Healthy but not Overweight Well rounded & obese 
16. Joints Noise on movement Free Movements Oedematous, Puffy, Slow moving
17. Voice Splitting, Obstructed & Broken Commanding & fast Soft, Sweet & Resonating
18. Sleep  Pattern Less & disturbed Moderate Sleepy & Lazy
19. Favorite Climate Dry Cool Hot
20. Digestion Irregular, Forms Gas  Quick, Causes Burning Prolonged, Forms Mucous
21. Mental Activity Very active, restless  Intelligent, sharp, focused, sudden reactions Calm, slow, thoughtfullness
22. Emotion Anxiety, Fear, Uncertainty  Anger, Hate, Jealousy, Greedy Calm, No Attachment.
23. Dreams Quick, Active, Many Fearful   Fiery, War, Violence Frequent, Slow, Romantic
24. Speech Rapid, Unclear   Sharp, Penetrating Slow, Monotonous, Shallow
25. How describes your eyes? Small, dry, dark, few lashes   Medium, sharp, penetrating, green, yellowish, light sensitive Large, round, blue or brown, thick eyelashes
26. How would you rate your physical strength? Low, poor endurance   Medium Weak
27. Your energy level ? Uneven, comes in waves   Moderate to high I can't push too hard
28. You are sensitive to Noise   Bright light Strong odors
29. With regard to money, you Are easy and impulsive   Are careful, but I spend Dont tend to save or accumulate / Unsteady with handling money
30. Sweat Minimal   Profuse, pungent in odor Slow to begin, heavy on workouts
31. Immunity Variable, poor   Moderate Less
32. Faith Erratic, changeable   Fanatical Steady, devoted
33. Creativity Original, fertile   Technical, scientific Entrepreneurial
34. Temperament Nervous, insecure, shy   Determined, motivated Conservative, resilient
35. Your Lips Blackish, Cracking, Shapeless   Reddish smooth thin soft Smooth, glossy, Propor
36. Your Forehead Narrow   Medium Broad
37. Taste in mouth Bitter  Sour/Salty Sweet
38. Mouth/Tongue texture Moderate and Less Saliva  Dry Always wet with thick salivation
39. Likeness for personal cleanliness Variable, Very clean at times only   Clean and maintain personal hygeine Lazy, less regard for cleanliness
40. Sense of general wellbeing Variable, Not confident  Proud and cherishes for being well Sluggish and unhealthy feeling


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Don’t just Rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Soul, Rebalance it !


Ayurveda is a perfect ancient science of life, the word AYUR literally means life and VEDA, the science or knowledge. more...


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